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Start your free Ambizen today, and then pick, add and host all your necessary software applications in ambizen.com with more control over your data and its processing and standard features. One can use the Ambizen of ambizen.com without any doubt because our Ambizen have the following characteristics-

  • More secured: Our Ambizen are one of the most secured apps in the technology world. Our apps will be run more safely and accurately on the Cloud Platform. You can use our apps without any doubt.
  • Easier to use: In order to run our Ambizen on your device and to operate the functions smoothly, you need not have any technical knowledge. ambizen.com has such Ambizen which are of cloud app platform and needed not to use any coding to create these.
  • Easily customizable: Do you need to customize your Ambizen? Yes. These are easily customizable. To make these apps easily customizable, we use the cloud platform.
  • It is Enterprisable: Do you need any premium support or dedicated administrator? It doesn’t any matter. We have pricing packages for the enterprises.
  • The fairest one: Create your first Galaxy app for free. Then, when you become ready to use the platform potentially, pay the monthly charge per app for data and backups, email in the public cloud platform.
  • It is Monetizable: Why don’t you turn your domain idea into earnings? Use your idea to create an app that can serve in your circle, publishes it on the competitive marketplace and can easily earn, or collaborate with others and ensure the rewards.

Three important reasons why you should start using ambizen.com today-

  1. Select the best business Galaxy software app that you have always wanted. As we have a large number of Ambizen, you can easily select your desired one.
  2. Gain an extraordinary ROI and TCO software development and expansion project.
  3. Earn continuous revenue by promoting our Ambizen to your circle, by being a Galaxy App consultant or selling the Ambizen in the competitive marketplace.

100s of Apps to suite your business

Everything you need to run your business, beautifully

Collaborate with your team

You can control each staff member’s level of access.


Reduce manual data entry

Work smarter and faster with online accounting software that’s simple, efficient and easy to use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easy online Sales, accounting for small businesses

Secure & Modern Code

We invest heavily to protect your valuable information – and your data is guarded to the same level as internet banking.

Unparalleled Support

All updates and upgrades are all done for you automatically, so you’ll never worry about having to upgrade again.

Integrated Business Applications :

Simplifies your business operations and makes a usually complicated process easy





Elegantly Responsive - Mobile

Adapt sales stages to your needs

Apps to Boost Your Sales

Apps to Run Your Business

Apps to Delight Your Employees

Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Core Features

Social Network Integration

CRM With Enterprise & Social Features Built-in

Reporting and Dashboards

Get access to the right information to make smart decisions

Full-featured e-Commerce

Optimize sales with an awesome online store

Integrated Inventory Management

All your stock data in one unique place

Clean Google Analytics Integration

Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics

Manage Expenses Online

Multi user hierarchy management

Ambizen is SaaS (Software as a Service) software

It is accessible directly from the internet cloud through a standard browser. There is a free trial and there are no setup or upgrade fees, or a lock-in contract.

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